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Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing!


Hello All,

I played some of the Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing and it is quite a bit of fun. It has the addictive looting mechanics kind of like Borderlands and Diablo. I get to level up my character and customize his skills, stats and abilities. The only thing that I did wish was different was that I wish I had an option to have a female character, however it is not a deal breaker for me. I wish I had other people to play with so that I could try out the co-op. In general, it seems to be quite addictive and seems to have the potential to suck many hours from my life (well-spent hours). Have you played it?What do you think of the game?


Genre of Games Part 2


RPG(Role-Playing Games)

RPGs are considered games where you play along the lines of a certain role and you level up certain stats of your character. It is a genre that has seeped into almost all other genres recently. For example and example of an FPS with RPG elements is borderlands. MMO’s are a kind of RPG. They are Massively Multiplayer Online. These are Guild Wars 2(one of my favorite games of all time), World of Warcraft, Rift and many many others. This genre is very flexible and I believe gives a plyer a sense of customization of their character that makes it their own.


There are different kinds of Strategy games there are tower defense games and RTS games(Real Time Strategy) among others. An example of a tower defense is Plants VS Zombies(which I also love), and Defense Grid. RTS’s are more along the lines of Starcraft and Halo Wars. This kind of genre I personally find more difficult but also a ton of fun because of the challenge they present.