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Wii U Special Zelda: Windwaker HD Edition!


Hello All,

I just went out to Best Buy and bought the Wii U. And not just the Wii U but the special edition Zelda: Windwaker HD. I have been wanting the Wii U but had not found a definitive reason to get it. But with the special edition being the same price as the regular one I thought why not and it includes the game a couple weeks early. The only reason I am not playing it right now is because the gamepad is charging. I really like the way it looks a lot more then i expected to. It black with gold Zelda themed borders. I think I will really enjoy the game(never played it before…).Lastly, Hiroshi Yamauchi’s death inspired me to go out and but it. A moment of silence for Yamauchi.


Wii U Price Drop


I am sure you have heard by now that the Wii U has a price drop coming up. I have been waiting for the perfect reason to get the Wii U and I believe this is it. Not only is it down to $300 from $350 but there is also a version that includes the Legend of Zelda windwaker hd remastered game for the same price of $300. This will all start on September 20th. I am personally planning on pre-ordering it this week.Will this convince you to get the Wii U or are you still not interested?