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Wii U Special Zelda: Windwaker HD Edition!


Hello All,

I just went out to Best Buy and bought the Wii U. And not just the Wii U but the special edition Zelda: Windwaker HD. I have been wanting the Wii U but had not found a definitive reason to get it. But with the special edition being the same price as the regular one I thought why not and it includes the game a couple weeks early. The only reason I am not playing it right now is because the gamepad is charging. I really like the way it looks a lot more then i expected to. It black with gold Zelda themed borders. I think I will really enjoy the game(never played it before…).Lastly, Hiroshi Yamauchi’s death inspired me to go out and but it. A moment of silence for Yamauchi.


Xbox One Release date Announced!



So the Xbox One release date has finally been announced. It is November 22nd! I am very excited to be able to save up some more money to get mine. There are several different ways and places yo pre-order it. And yes you should definitely pre-order it if you are planning on getting it. If you get it at Best Buy you only have to put down $25 but if you get it at Gamestop then you have to put $100 down. Both companies except trade ins. Which you could use to save up for it. Are you planning on getting the Xbox One and if so how and where are you thinking of getting it?