E3 2015 So much to talk about…(Nintendo)


Like it has been doing for a couple years now Nintendo did a video conference instead of doing it live on stage at E3. Just a note, Nintendo is in general my favorite developer and I love anything Nintendo, I even have a Nintendo inspired tattoo but I was a little disappointed by their E3 performance this year/

The presentation started out rather cute with versions of Reggie, Iwata and Miyamoto were puppet versions of themselves then they started turning into puppet versions of Start Fox characters in order to show off Star Fox Zero for Wii U. Unfortunately, at least to me the graphics and art did not look as good as I think it should they lacked detail and were very blobby. It looks like they were hearkening back to old school graphics which to me does not have to be realistic just pretty. They also showed off the the 3DS The Legend of Zelda: TriForce Heroes which is a cooperative meant to be be played with you and 2 friends where you work together and solve puzzles. I loved the way this one looked and I think it will probably be a lot of fun.

There was also Metroid Prime Federation Force, which personally I do not have much of an opinion because I have never gotten around(unfortunately) to playing a Metroid game. However, it seems to be the general consensus that fans are not pleased with this iteration of Metroid and it just seemed to me that for a game that fans have been asking for, for a long time they did not give it much of an introduction.

Then there were the Animal Crossing games which looked adorable. Super Mario Maker looks awesome and I cannot wait to try it out and see what kinds of crazy levels people make. Mario tennis looked like a prettier version of the usual.

One of my favorites was Mario & Luigi Paper Jam which is a mixture of their RPG game like Superstar Saga and the Paper Mario games it looks unique and like it would be quite a bit of fun.

They of course showed off a ton of AMIIBOS!!!I MUST GET THEM ALL!!!….most likely will not happen =(

Please feel free let me know what you thought of their conference and what you are looking forward to or what you were disappointed by this year.

Thanks for reading!


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