E3 2015 So much to talk about…(Bethesda)


So E3 has been going on since Sunday and a lot has been going on.There are many great things, some OK things and others that are just plain meh…

Let’s start off with Bethesda, I thought their presentation was exciting, fun and to the point. Of course, everyone’s favorite thing from this conference was Fallout 4. There were trailers and gameplay and all kinds of fun stuff. The game looks very pretty and it takes place in and around Boston. The customization options for your character which includes being able to be a female(YAY!) is very Sim-ish because there are not bars its just adjusting the face as you go along. Then there is the customization in the world itself. Apparently everything thing now can be broken down for materials to create your own hubs and cities within the world that you have to protect from raiders. Also, on Xbox One you will be able to get the mods created by the PC Community into your game for free! V.A.T.S. is back which is very nice as well….and to top it all off you can get your own PipBoy which once you insert your phone into it actually works just like you can in the game and you can adjust your inventory and all that good stuff. Of course its an app so you can use it without the PipBoy machine but that’s not as much fun now is it. You can also customize your weapons to do all kinds of stuff by adding scopes, barrels etc. Also, you have a mech suit that you can work on throughout the game. I believe that is all the major points for Fallout 4.

Then there is Fallout Shelter which is an app game on iOS they created at Bethesda that I have personally played and it is a ton of fun. You are basically in charge of a vault and you grow your shelter and add more people to it. It is very fun and addicting.

They also announced a new Doom game which looked gruesome and gory and very Doom-y.

They also announced Dishonored 2 which looked very much like Dishonored but better and prettier.

That is pretty much a general overview of the Bethesda conference and I though it may have been the best or one of the best of E3.

Please let me know what you think or if I missed anything you feel I should have mentioned please comment and let me know. Thanks for reading.


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