Genres of Games Part 1


Hello All,

There are so many genres of games out there in the gaming community. Everyone has their favorite and the ones they cannot sit down and play. Today, I will go over 2 of the genres and give my opinion on each along with some interesting tidbits. I will try to go through as many as I can throughout the next few days.

FPS(First-Person Shooter)

This has been one of the most played, if not the most played genre in recent years. Between games like Halo and Call of Duty, Battlefield it does seem to be dominating. This genre of game is probably the most difficult for me personally(I have horrible aim). I personally enjoy Halo. I do have many friends that enjoy tons of other kinds of FPS. This genre is basically shooting through a first person view at enemies with some kind of gun. These games can be highly competitive and fast paced.

Action/Adventure(hack and slash)

This genre is one of my personal favorites. It includes games like God of War, Darksiders and Bayonetta, along with many others. This kind of gameplay is usually through a 3rd person view and you press the face buttons to perform attacks and combine them to perform more effective and visually interesting attacks. I personally prefer these games because they can be easier(especially when I put them on easy mode) because you can more or less button mash through them.

Do you have a favorite genre of game? What is it and why?


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